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Haute Honey Farms

A quick lesson in beekeeping turned into an addiction. 

Our apairy is located in the west central part of Indiana just south of Terre Haute.

We are a small family farm on 10 acres surrounded by trees and pastures with many small lakes nearby.  Great food and water sources for honey bees.  


We have been keeping bees since 2009.  Starting with one hive, we grown to 15 and will continue to grow as available.  Our passion for learning more about the bees has pushed us to be active in many local and state organizations.  We have become advocates for the bees and promote planting for pollinators.

We sell our raw honey as long as we have it available.  If we sell out of honey from our hives, we partner with other like minded area apiaries to continue providing local Indiana raw honey with all of the same healthy benefits.

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