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answers to some of your questions

  • What is Raw Honey?
    Raw honey is honey as it exist in a beehive. It is strained and bottled bypassing all of the commercial processing methods. Nothing is added, nothing is taken out. It is not over heated and it is not pasturized.
  • Can I buy Haute Honey online?
    Not yet! Stay tuned. But if you email us we will try to make arrangements.
  • Kris, do you get stung often? Does it hurt?"
    Yes and Yes! I don't get stung as often as I did when I started. Once you learn how to handle the hives and be gentle with the bees they are usually good to work with. Doing things the proper way usually prevents most stings. But we can all have our bad days. But I always say if I get stung, it is my fault. I did something wrong. If I do my job correctly, they will leave me alone.
  • How many bees do you have?
    A lot! We keep several hives in and around Terre Haute. The number varies as the summer progresses.
  • Why is honey different colors?
    It depends on where the bees get their nectar. Early spring is light in color and taste. One of the first large nectar sources are the early bloomingtrees. Maple and Locust trees are abundant around most of my hives and provide a smooth light honey. In the summer it gets darker and richer as the bees forage on clover, wild flowers and weeds. In the fall the honey can get very dark and can have a strong flavor. This is the fall weeds like goldenrod. Most honey from our hives will be light to medium dark as the later fall honey we let the bees keep to give them food to make it through the winter.
  • Is crystalized honey bad?
    Crystalized honey is perfectly good to eat. Some people prefer the sugary consistancy. If you prefer it liquid and it has crystalized, just place in warm water or put it on a window sill on a bright sunny day. It will be liquid and smooth in no time. Do not boil or microwave honey as it can damage the honey.
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