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Raw, always

Keeping the good stuff in and the wax bits out

We bottle and sell raw honey only. It comes to you exactly as the bees made it. We do warm the honey slightly to facilitate bottling (to around 105 degrees), and we strain out bits of beeswax and miscellaneous bee parts. 


But you may still see a thin layer of foamy beeswax at the top of the bottle, or a few specks floating in your honey. These are edible and they attest to the natural goodness of our products. 

Honey should never spoil, but most honey will crystalizes over time.  If your honey crystalizes, you can place it on a window ledge on a warm sunny day or put it in warm water to bring it back to a liquid state.  Do not microwave or boil.  Over heating can take away some of the health benefits provided by raw honey. 

Do not feed honey to children under the age of one.

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